A sophisticated logo for Timber Investments featuring a blend of timber textures and modern design elements.

Earn $1,000 fast!

Refer us to a property of someone you know who needs to sell, someone who owns an estate property, or a home you saw that was possibly abandoned, etc.

We close on it…you get PAID!

You can also get paid $1000 referral fee just from posting our sign in your yard!

All you have to do is call us with your information and we will come out to put one of our 18″ x 24″ signs in your yard. Your job is to make sure it stays up in the weather and make sure people can see it. When someone calls, we find out where they saw the sign. We take a look at their home and make an offer. If they accept the offer and we buy the home, then we pay you $1000 for advertising after it closes.

Easy as that!