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Run-Down House

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Are you struggling to sell your run-down house? You’re not alone.

Many homeowners have been stuck in the same situation, unable to find anyone willing to purchase their distressed property.

But here at Timber Investments, we specialize in buying houses that are in less than desirable condition—no matter where they are located or what condition they are in.

We buy properties of any condition in Appleton, Fox Cities, Oshkosh, and all surrounding areas.

Let us show you why selling your run-down house is easier than you think.

Sell “Ugly” House Fast

When it comes to selling a distressed house, timing is everything.

At Timber Investments, we understand that sometimes people need cash quickly for whatever reason—to pay off debt or move out of state—so we can make a cash offer and close on your house within just a few days if necessary.

That’s right! No waiting around for months while trying to find the right buyer. We’ll take care of everything as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can get the money you need without delay.

Sell My House Any Condition


Run-Down House

Photo by Tom Fisk

At Timber Investments, we take pride in our ability to purchase homes no matter their condition—from minor repairs to major renovations required before the house can be sold on the open market.

We buy houses from homeowners who don’t want to spend time or money making repairs before listing their property for sale; instead, they can sell it directly to us without hassle or fuss.

It doesn’t matter how ugly or rundown your house might be; we’ll take care of it!

Sell Your House Quick For Cash

The best part about selling your run-down house through Timber Investments is that you don’t have to worry about finding a real estate agent or signing paperwork; instead, you can simply make the call and let us do all the work for you.

We will provide you with an initial offer within 24 hours and then work quickly and efficiently until the closing day arrives and money is securely transferred into your bank account!

No complicated contracts or lengthy negotiations are required!

We Do Not Charge Any Fees

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Most people worry about paying hefty fees to sell a distressed house quickly and efficiently.

The good news is that when you partner with Timber Investments, no fees are involved!

That means no commissions or closing costs, all of which can add up quickly when selling a house through traditional methods.

No Need To Make Repairs Or Clean Up Your Property

One of the biggest concerns many homeowners have when trying to sell a run-down property is being responsible for making costly repairs before putting it on the market.

However, that doesn’t have to be a concern at Timber Investments!

We buy properties In Any Condition – whether they need repairs or not – so there is no need for expensive renovations just to get your property sold fast.

Additionally, there is also no need for cleaning or staging, again saving both time and money during the sale process.

Sell House for Cash Quickly with Timber Investments

Selling your run-down house fast doesn’t have to be complicated—not when Timber Investments is here to help!

Our team specializes in purchasing homes of any condition in Appleton, Fox Cities, Oshkosh, and all surrounding areas so that homeowners like yourself get the cash they need fast without worrying about making repairs before listing their property for sale on the open market!

Don’t wait another minute—get started today by calling us for an initial offer within 24 hours! You’ll wonder why you didn’t call sooner!

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